Recycling Rules

Recycling is picked up on MONDAYS unless it falls on a holiday and then it is picked up the SATURDAY BEFORE (check the City of Gaithersburg’s website for holidays).

WHAT CAN BE PLACED IN THE RECYCLING BINS: Newspapers, clean paper, junk mail, catalogues, shredded paper (in a paper bag), cardboard (non-wax – NO PIZZA BOXES ), metal and aluminum cans ( NO LIDS ), glass bottles and jars (cans, jars and bottles can be placed in a blue clear recycle bag).

ITEMS THAT CANNOT BE PICKUP UP BY THE RECYCLING PEOPLE: Paint cans, tires, aerosol cans, plastic grocery bags and lithium ion batteries. These can be taken to the Waste Transfer Station off of Rt. 355 near Shady Grove. They have specific areas for computers, recyclables, metal, appliances, clothing, batteries, yard waste and it is FREE if you have less than 500 pounds.